5 Reasons To Visit Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day

The Festival

The St. Patrick’s Day Festival is held annually in Dublin and celebrates all things green and Irish. This year’s celebration was held March 14-17, 2015. This festival was started as a way to celebrate the Irish heritage and a time to reflect on the achievements of the people of Ireland. During the festival, people can enjoy live music, comedy shows and street theatre. There is also a Festival Treasure Hunt and Irish boat races during the festival.3751370_orig

The Beer!

You cannot have a St. Patrick’s Day celebration without having a festival that is all about the beer. That is why you do not want to miss out on the Irish Beer and Whiskey Festival in Dublin from March 13-17, 2015. This festival celebrates everything Irish, including green beer, cider, whiskey, food and entertainment.

Glass of green beer

Everything Green!

Everything in Ireland turns green for St. Patrick’s Day, including historical sites and buildings. Throughout Dublin, many local businesses, residences and government buildings replace their outside lights with green lights in preparation of a week-long celebration for St. Patrick’s Day.


The History of St. Patrick!

In addition to being able to experience the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, parade and the Beer and Whiskey Festival, you can see the historic side of Ireland. You do not want to miss the “Walk In The Footsteps of St. Patrick” guided tour. This tour will take you on a special walk that is guided by a Dublin historian. During this tour you will see some of the most ancient sites in Ireland, including Christ Church and St. Patrick’s – two medieval cathedrals in Dublin.

Catedrala Sfantul Patrick - Dublin01

The People

When it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the people of Ireland get together, dress up and celebrate just like we celebrate Halloween in America. Many take the whole day off of work and get dressed up in costumes and go out for celebrations. If you love St. Patrick’s day, you have to visit Ireland and see what it’s all about.



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