Wakami Villages is a platform for change in rural villages, hosted through our non-profit Communities of the Earth.

Wakami Villages combines education and access to lifestyle improvements, so that people in rural villages can invest in the future of their families and communities. Our platform also serves as a mentorship program, on money management, community development, nutrition and education for children.

The program allows for communities to become self-sustaining and independent. The artisans of Wakami are excited to participate in the program and split the cost of each development 50/50 with Communities of the Earth. This allows each participant a sense of ownership as they invest in their future.

The program has partnered with over 15 organizations in order to offers products, such as water filters, clean burning stoves, solar energy panels, rain harvesting kits, etc., at half the cost of market value.

Four Areas that Wakami Villages Impacts: 

Wakami Family

It focuses on improving two main issues, which are key to the women’s dreams:

  • Education, with an emphasis on including girls:  by providing scholarships to attend grade school, junior high school and high school.
  • Nutrition and health: focusing on children under 5, which is the best age group to reduce malnutrition.  For 2014 and 2015, WV is looking to make alliances with organizations to implement a 1,000 day period, dedicated to each child.  This time frame is the most efficient way to reduce malnutrition.  The villages Wakami currently works in have malnutrition rates around 80% in children, but with our efforts, we are seeing much improvement.

Nutritional health of children is checked regularly and school attendance is monitored.

Wakami Home

Water filters, stoves, solar energy kits, rainwater harvesting units and other devices are bought by families. People around the world can partner to split the cost of each lifestyle improvement.

Wakami Land

Organic gardens are planted and cultivated providing healthy food options. Solid waste management and recycling programs are put into place to provide improved quality of life.

Wakami Community

Forums are open to the people of the communities allowing them to become involved and to propose new ideas that will benefit their communities. Girls Clubs, Computer Labs and School improvement programs are among the most successful initiatives.

We have started this program in Guatemala, and in the future we plan to introduce it around the world.