Est. 2006 in Guatemala

Wakami is a lifestyle brand that focuses on enjoying life and sharing positivity with people around the world. Our accessories are all handcrafted with care by women in rural villages of Guatemala. Aside from creating beautiful products, our goal is to partner with these artisan entrepreneurs so they can create a better future for their families and communities


Wakami was established with the sole mission to create income-generating opportunities that transform the lives of people in rural villages of Guatemala.

In order to create sustainable change, we created a business model that partners with artisans in rural areas to produce Wakami products. We focus on fashion designs that incorporate many of the weaving skills found in their culture.

Our inclusive system allows Artisan entrepreneurs the ability to start their own business and become a production partner with the Wakami brand.

Our non-profit partner Communities of the Earth (COTE), makes this possible, by mentoring, educating and training each business owner how to open and manage their own business.



At Wakami we have many dreams, and we believe they drive our success.

We have grown to incorporate over 500 artisans and offices in over 12 countries.

Our goal and biggest dream is to empower at least 5,000 people in Guatemala, which would exponentially affect generations to come. We want to further our effort by extending this dream to other countries.

When we are connected to our dreams and have an opportunity, we do everything in our power to make them come true.

Dreams + Opportunity = Change