May 13, 2015

One of the hardest things about moving out of your parents’ house is that you don’t get to spend much time with them…..but one of the best things about it is that you finally start to appreciate them after you’ve moved out on your own. Once you make the transition into full-fledged adulthood and claim […]

April 1, 2015

Check out these Southern California inspired date night outfits for him and her! If you’re heading out to mini golf or just a casual dinner, these are some great laid back outfit ideas. A simple button up tee and summer dress will make you the perfect duo. Take a look at this  Unisex Earth Bracelet that […]

March 25, 2015

It’s spring time and summer is right around the corner! Be prepared this year for bikini season with this simple 30 Day Beach Body Challenge! Be happy, healthy and fit in your favorite bikini for Summer 2015.  No gym required, you can do these workouts anywhere! This is perfect for those of us on the […]

March 17, 2015

The Festival The St. Patrick’s Day Festival is held annually in Dublin and celebrates all things green and Irish. This year’s celebration was held March 14-17, 2015. This festival was started as a way to celebrate the Irish heritage and a time to reflect on the achievements of the people of Ireland. During the festival, people can […]

March 6, 2015

Sometimes we’ll just get an intense craving for our favorite treats out of nowhere. You know the feeling, all of a sudden you want potato chips, and you can’t think of anything else until you get your hands on them.  Luckily, there are healthy ways to beat those cravings! Whenever you’re dreaming of junk food, […]

February 11, 2015

David Nichol, a Rice University senior is obviously brilliant — and not just because he’s majoring in computer engineering. For the low price of $500, he ordered 13,000 plastic balls. Unfortunately, he had some issues with US Customs, who thought his love of childhood McDonald’s playhouses was a little bit off. Like Fight Club, there are rules for […]

February 4, 2015

Sure, burgers and pizza are major parts of your diet in college, and yeah, it’s much harder to cook fresh, healthy meals when you live in a dorm room, but if you plan it right, you can absolutely make some simple healthy foods right in your dorm room, no cooking required. Next time you’re craving […]

January 28, 2015

Not everyone is fortunate enough to go to school on the west coast! I know some of our fellow Wakami lovers are walking to class in the pouring rain (or snow!) all across the country. Yikes! For fashionistas everywhere, it is sometimes difficult to dress cute and warm. Below is an idea of an #ootd […]

January 23, 2015

Heat Up Your Winter With Nutella Hot Chocolate!

Whether you have a long day of classes ahead of you or you’ve decided to brave these winter temps, you can be comfy and cozy while being trendy! Don’t forget to pair your outfit with your favorite Wakami Earth Bracelet Set.